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@@ -255,7 +255,7 @@ must be used for each option.
Some email servers (e.g. limit the number emails to be
- sent per session (connection) and this will lead to a faliure when
+ sent per session (connection) and this will lead to a failure when
sending many messages. With this option, send-email will disconnect after
sending $<num> messages and wait for a few seconds (see --relogin-delay)
and reconnect, to work around such a limit. You may want to
@@ -473,16 +473,7 @@ edit ~/.gitconfig to specify your account settings:
If you have multifactor authentication setup on your gmail account, you will
need to generate an app-specific password for use with 'git send-email'. Visit
- to setup an
-app-specific password. Once setup, you can store it with the credentials
- $ git credential fill
- protocol=smtp
- password=app-password
+ to create it.
Once your commits are ready to be sent to the mailing list, run the
following commands:
@@ -491,6 +482,11 @@ following commands:
$ edit outgoing/0000-*
$ git send-email outgoing/*
+The first time you run it, you will be prompted for your credentials. Enter the
+app-specific or your regular password as appropriate. If you have credential
+helper configured (see linkgit:git-credential[1]), the password will be saved in
+the credential store so you won't have to type it the next time.
Note: the following perl modules are required
Net::SMTP::SSL, MIME::Base64 and Authen::SASL