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Format of the file(s) specified in sendemail.aliasesFile. Must be
- one of 'mutt', 'mailrc', 'pine', 'elm', or 'gnus'.
+ one of 'mutt', 'mailrc', 'pine', 'elm', or 'gnus', or 'sendmail'.
+What an alias file in each format looks like can be found in
+the documentation of the email program of the same name. The
+differences and limitations from the standard formats are
+described below:
+* Quoted aliases and quoted addresses are not supported: lines that
+ contain a `"` symbol are ignored.
+* Redirection to a file (`/path/name`) or pipe (`|command`) is not
+ supported.
+* File inclusion (`:include: /path/name`) is not supported.
+* Warnings are printed on the standard error output for any
+ explicitly unsupported constructs, and any other lines that are not
+ recognized by the parser.
If true (default), a single editor instance will be spawned to edit