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+git-revert - Revert an existing commit.
+'git-revert' [-n] <commit>
+Given one existing commit, revert the change the patch introduces, and record a
+new commit that records it. This requires your working tree to be clean (no
+modifications from the HEAD commit).
+ Commit to revert.
+ Usually the command automatically creates a commit with
+ a commit log message stating which commit was reverted.
+ This flag applies the change necessary to revert the
+ named commit to your working tree, but does not make the
+ commit. In addition, when this option is used, your
+ working tree does not have to match the HEAD commit.
+ The revert is done against the beginning state of your
+ working tree.
+ This is useful when reverting more than one commits'
+ effect to your working tree in a row.
+Written by Junio C Hamano <>
+Documentation by Junio C Hamano and the git-list <>.
+Part of the link:git.html[git] suite