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@@ -25,7 +25,10 @@ Commands are given by the caller on the helper's standard input, one per line.
Lists the capabilities of the helper, one per line, ending
- with a blank line.
+ with a blank line. Each capability may be preceeded with '*'.
+ This marks them mandatory for git version using the remote
+ helper to understand (unknown mandatory capability is fatal
+ error).
Lists the refs, one per line, in the format "<value> <name>
@@ -90,6 +93,20 @@ Supported if the helper has the "push" capability.
Supported if the helper has the "import" capability.
+'connect' <service>::
+ Connects to given service. Standard input and standard output
+ of helper are connected to specified service (git prefix is
+ included in service name so e.g. fetching uses 'git-upload-pack'
+ as service) on remote side. Valid replies to this command are
+ empty line (connection established), 'fallback' (no smart
+ transport support, fall back to dumb transports) and just
+ exiting with error message printed (can't connect, don't
+ bother trying to fall back). After line feed terminating the
+ positive (empty) response, the output of service starts. After
+ the connection ends, the remote helper exits.
+Supported if the helper has the "connect" capability.
If a fatal error occurs, the program writes the error message to
stderr and exits. The caller should expect that a suitable error
message has been printed if the child closes the connection without
@@ -123,6 +140,9 @@ CAPABILITIES
all, it must cover all refs reported by the list command; if
it is not used, it is effectively "*:*"
+ This helper supports the 'connect' command.
@@ -165,9 +185,15 @@ OPTIONS
but don't actually change any repository data. For most
helpers this only applies to the 'push', if supported.
+'option servpath <c-style-quoted-path>'::
+ Set service path (--upload-pack, --receive-pack etc.) for
+ next connect. Remote helper MAY support this option. Remote
+ helper MUST NOT rely on this option being set before
+ connect request occurs.
-Documentation by Daniel Barkalow.
+Documentation by Daniel Barkalow and Ilari Liusvaara