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+git-remote-helpers - Helper programs for interoperation with remote git
+'git remote-<transport>' <remote>
+These programs are normally not used directly by end users, but are
+invoked by various git programs that interact with remote repositories
+when the repository they would operate on will be accessed using
+transport code not linked into the main git binary. Various particular
+helper programs will behave as documented here.
+Commands are given by the caller on the helper's standard input, one per line.
+ Lists the capabilities of the helper, one per line, ending
+ with a blank line.
+ Lists the refs, one per line, in the format "<value> <name>
+ [<attr> ...]". The value may be a hex sha1 hash, "@<dest>" for
+ a symref, or "?" to indicate that the helper could not get the
+ value of the ref. A space-separated list of attributes follows
+ the name; unrecognized attributes are ignored. After the
+ complete list, outputs a blank line.
+'fetch' <sha1> <name>::
+ Fetches the given object, writing the necessary objects to the
+ database. Outputs a blank line when the fetch is
+ complete. Only objects which were reported in the ref list
+ with a sha1 may be fetched this way.
+Supported if the helper has the "fetch" capability.
+If a fatal error occurs, the program writes the error message to
+stderr and exits. The caller should expect that a suitable error
+message has been printed if the child closes the connection without
+completing a valid response for the current command.
+Additional commands may be supported, as may be determined from
+capabilities reported by the helper.
+ This helper supports the 'fetch' command.
+None are defined yet, but the caller must accept any which are supplied.
+Documentation by Daniel Barkalow.
+Part of the linkgit:git[1] suite