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@@ -12,7 +12,6 @@ SYNOPSIS
[<upstream>] [<branch>]
'git rebase' [-i | --interactive] [options] --onto <newbase>
--root [<branch>]
'git rebase' --continue | --skip | --abort
@@ -46,7 +45,7 @@ with a different commit message or timestamp will be skipped).
It is possible that a merge failure will prevent this process from being
completely automatic. You will have to resolve any such merge failure
and run `git rebase --continue`. Another option is to bypass the commit
-that caused the merge failure with `git rebase --skip`. To restore the
+that caused the merge failure with `git rebase --skip`. To check out the
original <branch> and remove the .git/rebase-apply working files, use the
command `git rebase --abort` instead.
@@ -233,7 +232,11 @@ leave out at most one of A and B, in which case it defaults to HEAD.
Restart the rebasing process after having resolved a merge conflict.
- Restore the original branch and abort the rebase operation.
+ Abort the rebase operation and reset HEAD to the original
+ branch. If <branch> was provided when the rebase operation was
+ started, then HEAD will be reset to <branch>. Otherwise HEAD
+ will be reset to where it was when the rebase operation was
+ started.
Restart the rebasing process by skipping the current patch.