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@@ -14,7 +14,8 @@ DESCRIPTION
Traditionally, tips of branches and tags (collectively known as
-'refs') were stored one file per ref under `$GIT_DIR/refs`
+'refs') were stored one file per ref in a (sub)directory
+under `$GIT_DIR/refs`
directory. While many branch tips tend to be updated often,
most tags and some branch tips are never updated. When a
repository has hundreds or thousands of tags, this
@@ -22,13 +23,14 @@ one-file-per-ref format both wastes storage and hurts
This command is used to solve the storage and performance
-problem by stashing the refs in a single file,
+problem by storing the refs in a single file,
`$GIT_DIR/packed-refs`. When a ref is missing from the
-traditional `$GIT_DIR/refs` hierarchy, it is looked up in this
+traditional `$GIT_DIR/refs` directory hierarchy, it is looked
+up in this
file and used if found.
Subsequent updates to branches always create new files under
-`$GIT_DIR/refs` hierarchy.
+`$GIT_DIR/refs` directory hierarchy.
A recommended practice to deal with a repository with too many
refs is to pack its refs with `--all --prune` once, and
@@ -57,6 +59,15 @@ a repository with many branches of historical interests.
The command usually removes loose refs under `$GIT_DIR/refs`
hierarchy after packing them. This option tells it not to.
+Older documentation written before the packed-refs mechanism was
+introduced may still say things like ".git/refs/heads/<branch> file
+exists" when it means "branch <branch> exists".
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