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@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ SYNOPSIS
'git notes' [list [<object>]]
'git notes' add [-f] [-F <file> | -m <msg> | (-c | -C) <object>] [<object>]
-'git notes' copy [-f] <from-object> <to-object>
+'git notes' copy [-f] ( --stdin | <from-object> <to-object> )
'git notes' append [-F <file> | -m <msg> | (-c | -C) <object>] [<object>]
'git notes' edit [<object>]
'git notes' show [<object>]
@@ -56,6 +56,16 @@ copy::
objects has none. (use -f to overwrite existing notes to the
second object). This subcommand is equivalent to:
`git notes add [-f] -C $(git notes list <from-object>) <to-object>`
+In `\--stdin` mode, take lines in the format
+<from-object> SP <to-object> [ SP <rest> ] LF
+on standard input, and copy the notes from each <from-object> to its
+corresponding <to-object>. (The optional `<rest>` is ignored so that
+the command can read the input given to the `post-rewrite` hook.)
Append to the notes of an existing object (defaults to HEAD).