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@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ git-multi-pack-index - Write and verify multi-pack-indexes
-'git multi-pack-index' [--object-dir=<dir>] <verb>
+'git multi-pack-index' [--object-dir=<dir>] <subcommand>
@@ -23,13 +23,35 @@ OPTIONS
`<dir>/packs/multi-pack-index` for the current MIDX file, and
`<dir>/packs` for the pack-files to index.
+The following subcommands are available:
- When given as the verb, write a new MIDX file to
- `<dir>/packs/multi-pack-index`.
+ Write a new MIDX file.
- When given as the verb, verify the contents of the MIDX file
- at `<dir>/packs/multi-pack-index`.
+ Verify the contents of the MIDX file.
+ Delete the pack-files that are tracked by the MIDX file, but
+ have no objects referenced by the MIDX. Rewrite the MIDX file
+ afterward to remove all references to these pack-files.
+ Create a new pack-file containing objects in small pack-files
+ referenced by the multi-pack-index. If the size given by the
+ `--batch-size=<size>` argument is zero, then create a pack
+ containing all objects referenced by the multi-pack-index. For
+ a non-zero batch size, Select the pack-files by examining packs
+ from oldest-to-newest, computing the "expected size" by counting
+ the number of objects in the pack referenced by the
+ multi-pack-index, then divide by the total number of objects in
+ the pack and multiply by the pack size. We select packs with
+ expected size below the batch size until the set of packs have
+ total expected size at least the batch size. If the total size
+ does not reach the batch size, then do nothing. If a new pack-
+ file is created, rewrite the multi-pack-index to reference the
+ new pack-file. A later run of 'git multi-pack-index expire' will
+ delete the pack-files that were part of this batch.