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@@ -36,14 +36,14 @@ OPTIONS
failure usually indicates conflicts during the merge). This is for
porcelains which might want to emit custom messages.
-If 'git-merge-index' is called with multiple <file>s (or -a) then it
+If 'git merge-index' is called with multiple <file>s (or -a) then it
processes them in turn only stopping if merge returns a non-zero exit
Typically this is run with a script calling git's imitation of
the 'merge' command from the RCS package.
-A sample script called 'git-merge-one-file' is included in the
+A sample script called 'git merge-one-file' is included in the
ALERT ALERT ALERT! The git "merge object order" is different from the
@@ -68,10 +68,10 @@ or
This is added AA in the branch B.
fatal: merge program failed
-where the latter example shows how 'git-merge-index' will stop trying to
+where the latter example shows how 'git merge-index' will stop trying to
merge once anything has returned an error (i.e., `cat` returned an error
for the AA file, because it didn't exist in the original, and thus
-'git-merge-index' didn't even try to merge the MM thing).
+'git merge-index' didn't even try to merge the MM thing).