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@@ -10,7 +10,8 @@ SYNOPSIS
'git merge-file' [-L <current-name> [-L <base-name> [-L <other-name>]]]
- [-p|--stdout] [-q|--quiet] <current-file> <base-file> <other-file>
+ [--ours|--theirs] [-p|--stdout] [-q|--quiet]
+ <current-file> <base-file> <other-file>
@@ -34,7 +35,9 @@ normally outputs a warning and brackets the conflict with lines containing
>>>>>>> B
If there are conflicts, the user should edit the result and delete one of
-the alternatives.
+the alternatives. When `--ours` or `--theirs` option is in effect, however,
+these conflicts are resolved favouring lines from `<current-file>` or
+lines from `<other-file>` respectively.
The exit value of this program is negative on error, and the number of
conflicts otherwise. If the merge was clean, the exit value is 0.
@@ -62,6 +65,11 @@ OPTIONS
Quiet; do not warn about conflicts.
+ Instead of leaving conflicts in the file, resolve conflicts
+ favouring our (or their) side of the lines.