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@@ -70,11 +70,11 @@ OPTIONS
Identify the file status with the following tags (followed by
a space) at the start of each line:
- H cached
- M unmerged
- R removed/deleted
- C modifed/changed
- K to be killed
+ H:: cached
+ M:: unmerged
+ R:: removed/deleted
+ C:: modifed/changed
+ K:: to be killed
? other
@@ -110,13 +110,13 @@ flags --others or --ignored are specified.
These exclude patterns come from these places:
- (1) command line flag --exclude=<pattern> specifies a single
+ 1. command line flag --exclude=<pattern> specifies a single
- (2) command line flag --exclude-from=<file> specifies a list of
+ 2. command line flag --exclude-from=<file> specifies a list of
patterns stored in a file.
- (3) command line flag --exclude-per-directory=<name> specifies
+ 3. command line flag --exclude-per-directory=<name> specifies
a name of the file in each directory 'git-ls-files'
examines, and if exists, its contents are used as an
additional list of patterns.
@@ -168,12 +168,13 @@ An exclude pattern is of the following format:
- otherwise, it is a shell glob pattern, suitable for
consumption by fnmatch(3) with FNM_PATHNAME flag. I.e. a
slash in the pattern must match a slash in the pathname.
- "Documentation/*.html" matches "Documentation/git.html" but
+ "Documentation/\*.html" matches "Documentation/git.html" but
not "ppc/ppc.html". As a natural exception, "/*.c" matches
"cat-file.c" but not "mozilla-sha1/sha1.c".
An example:
$ cat .git/ignore
# ignore objects and archives, anywhere in the tree.
@@ -186,6 +187,7 @@ An example:
--exclude='Documentation/*.[0-9]' \
--exclude-from=.git/ignore \
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