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@@ -118,11 +118,62 @@ git log master --not --remotes=*/master::
Shows all commits that are in local master but not in any remote
repository master branches.
+git log -p -m --first-parent::
+ Shows the history including change diffs, but only from the
+ "main branch" perspective, skipping commits that come from merged
+ branches, and showing full diffs of changes introduced by the merges.
+ This makes sense only when following a strict policy of merging all
+ topic branches when staying on a single integration branch.
+See linkgit:git-config[1] for core variables and linkgit:git-diff[1]
+for settings related to diff generation.
+ Default for the `--format` option. (See "PRETTY FORMATS" above.)
+ Defaults to "medium".
+ Encoding to use when displaying logs. (See "Discussion", above.)
+ Defaults to the value of `i18n.commitEncoding` if set, UTF-8
+ otherwise.
+ Default format for human-readable dates. (Compare the
+ `--date` option.) Defaults to "default", which means to write
+ dates like `Sat May 8 19:35:34 2010 -0500`.
+ If `false`, 'git log' and related commands will not treat the
+ initial commit as a big creation event. Any root commits in
+ `git log -p` output would be shown without a diff attached.
+ The default is `true`.
+ See linkgit:git-shortlog[1].
+ Which refs, in addition to the default set by `core.notesRef`
+ or 'GIT_NOTES_REF', to read notes from when showing commit
+ messages with the 'log' family of commands. See
+ linkgit:git-notes[1].
+May be an unabbreviated ref name or a glob and may be specified
+multiple times. A warning will be issued for refs that do not exist,
+but a glob that does not match any refs is silently ignored.
+This setting can be disabled by the `--no-standard-notes` option,
+overridden by the 'GIT_NOTES_DISPLAY_REF' environment variable,
+and supplemented by the `--show-notes` option.