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- The folder to drop the mails into, which is typically the Drafts
- folder. For example: "INBOX.Drafts", "INBOX/Drafts" or
- "[Gmail]/Drafts". Required.
- Command used to setup a tunnel to the IMAP server through which
- commands will be piped instead of using a direct network connection
- to the server. Required when is not set.
- A URL identifying the server. Use an `imap://` prefix for non-secure
- connections and an `imaps://` prefix for secure connections.
- Ignored when imap.tunnel is set, but required otherwise.
- The username to use when logging in to the server.
- The password to use when logging in to the server.
- An integer port number to connect to on the server.
- Defaults to 143 for imap:// hosts and 993 for imaps:// hosts.
- Ignored when imap.tunnel is set.
- A boolean to enable/disable verification of the server certificate
- used by the SSL/TLS connection. Default is `true`. Ignored when
- imap.tunnel is set.
- A boolean to enable/disable the use of html encoding when sending
- a patch. An html encoded patch will be bracketed with <pre>
- and have a content type of text/html. Ironically, enabling this
- option causes Thunderbird to send the patch as a plain/text,
- format=fixed email. Default is `false`.
- Specify authenticate method for authentication with IMAP server.
- If Git was built with the NO_CURL option, or if your curl version is older
- than 7.34.0, or if you're running git-imap-send with the `--no-curl`
- option, the only supported method is 'CRAM-MD5'. If this is not set
- then 'git imap-send' uses the basic IMAP plaintext LOGIN command.