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@@ -51,17 +51,13 @@ OPTIONS
-To use the tool, imap.folder and either imap.tunnel or must be set
+To use the tool, `imap.folder` and either `imap.tunnel` or `` must be set
to appropriate values.
Using tunnel mode:
@@ -89,14 +85,18 @@ Using direct mode with SSL:
user = bob
pass = p4ssw0rd
port = 123
- sslverify = false
+ ; sslVerify = false
-To submit patches using GMail's IMAP interface, first, edit your ~/.gitconfig
-to specify your account settings:
+You may want to use `sslVerify=false`
+while troubleshooting, if you suspect that the reason you are
+having trouble connecting is because the certificate you use at
+the private server `` you are trying to set up (or
+have set up) may not be verified correctly.
+Using Gmail's IMAP interface:
@@ -104,17 +104,21 @@ to specify your account settings:
host = imaps://
user =
port = 993
- sslverify = false
-You might need to instead use: folder = "[Google Mail]/Drafts" if you get an error
+You might need to instead use: `folder = "[Google Mail]/Drafts"` if you get an error
that the "Folder doesn't exist".
+If your Gmail account is set to another language than English, the name of the "Drafts"
+folder will be localized.
Once the commits are ready to be sent, run the following command:
$ git format-patch --cover-letter -M --stdout origin/master | git imap-send
-Just make sure to disable line wrapping in the email client (GMail's web
+Just make sure to disable line wrapping in the email client (Gmail's web
interface will wrap lines no matter what, so you need to use a real
IMAP client).