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with --no-full.
- Check only the connectivity of tags, commits and tree objects. By
- avoiding to unpack blobs, this speeds up the operation, at the
- expense of missing corrupt objects or other problematic issues.
+ Check only the connectivity of reachable objects, making sure
+ that any objects referenced by a reachable tag, commit, or tree
+ is present. This speeds up the operation by avoiding reading
+ blobs entirely (though it does still check that referenced blobs
+ exist). This will detect corruption in commits and trees, but
+ not do any semantic checks (e.g., for format errors). Corruption
+ in blob objects will not be detected at all.
+Unreachable tags, commits, and trees will also be accessed to find the
+tips of dangling segments of history. Use `--no-dangling` if you don't
+care about this output and want to speed it up further.
Enable more strict checking, namely to catch a file mode