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@@ -7,14 +7,14 @@ git-for-each-ref - Output information on each ref
-'git-for-each-ref' [--count=<count>]* [--shell|--perl|--python] [--sort=<key>]* [--format=<format>] [<pattern>]
+'git-for-each-ref' [--count=<count>]\* [--shell|--perl|--python] [--sort=<key>]\* [--format=<format>] [<pattern>]
Iterate over all refs that match `<pattern>` and show them
according to the given `<format>`, after sorting them according
-to the given set of `<key>`s. If `<max>` is given, stop after
+to the given set of `<key>`. If `<max>` is given, stop after
showing that many refs. The interporated values in `<format>`
can optionally be quoted as string literals in the specified
host language allowing their direct evaluation in that language.
@@ -38,7 +38,11 @@ OPTIONS
is prefixed with an asterisk (`*`) and the ref points
at a tag object, the value for the field in the object
tag refers is used. When unspecified, defaults to
- `%(refname)`.
+ `%(objectname) SPC %(objecttype) TAB %(refname)`.
+ It also interpolates `%%` to `%`, and `%xx` where `xx`
+ are hex digits interpolates to character with hex code
+ `xx`; for example `%00` interpolates to `\0` (NUL),
+ `%09` to `\t` (TAB) and `%0a` to `\n` (LF).
If given, the name of the ref is matched against this