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@@ -538,9 +538,6 @@ start with double quote (`"`).
If an `LF` or double quote must be encoded into `<path>` shell-style
quoting should be used, e.g. `"path/with\n and \" in it"`.
-Additionally, in `040000` mode, `<path>` may also be an empty string
-(`""`) to specify the root of the tree.
The value of `<path>` must be in canonical form. That is it must not:
* contain an empty directory component (e.g. `foo//bar` is invalid),
@@ -549,6 +546,8 @@ The value of `<path>` must be in canonical form. That is it must not:
* contain the special component `.` or `..` (e.g. `foo/./bar` and
`foo/../bar` are invalid).
+The root of the tree can be represented by an empty string as `<path>`.
It is recommended that `<path>` always be encoded using UTF-8.
@@ -909,7 +908,7 @@ The `<dataref>` can be either a mark reference (`:<idnum>`)
set previously or a full 40-byte SHA-1 of a Git blob, preexisting or
ready to be written.
-output uses the same format as `git cat-file --batch`:
+Output uses the same format as `git cat-file --batch`:
<sha1> SP 'blob' SP <size> LF
@@ -953,6 +952,13 @@ cat-blob::
rather than wasting time on the early part of an import
before the unsupported command is detected.
+ Require that the backend support the 'notemodify' (N)
+ subcommand to the 'commit' command.
+ Versions of fast-import not supporting notes will exit
+ with a message indicating so.
Processes the specified option so that git fast-import behaves in a