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memory used by fast-import during this run. Showing this output
is currently the default, but can be disabled with --quiet.
+ Many command-line options can be provided as part of the
+ fast-import stream itself by using the `feature` or `option`
+ commands. However, some of these options are unsafe (e.g.,
+ allowing fast-import to access the filesystem outside of the
+ repository). These options are disabled by default, but can be
+ allowed by providing this option on the command line. This
+ currently impacts only the `export-marks`, `import-marks`, and
+ `import-marks-if-exists` feature commands.
+ Only enable this option if you trust the program generating the
+ fast-import stream! This option is enabled automatically for
+ remote-helpers that use the `import` capability, as they are
+ already trusted to run their own code.
Options for Frontends