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@@ -316,7 +316,7 @@ change to the project.
('from' SP <committish> LF)?
('merge' SP <committish> LF)?
- (filemodify | filedelete | filecopy | filerename | filedeleteall)*
+ (filemodify | filedelete | filecopy | filerename | filedeleteall | notemodify)*
@@ -339,14 +339,13 @@ commit message use a 0 length data. Commit messages are free-form
and are not interpreted by Git. Currently they must be encoded in
UTF-8, as fast-import does not permit other encodings to be specified.
-Zero or more `filemodify`, `filedelete`, `filecopy`, `filerename`
-and `filedeleteall` commands
+Zero or more `filemodify`, `filedelete`, `filecopy`, `filerename`,
+`filedeleteall` and `notemodify` commands
may be included to update the contents of the branch prior to
creating the commit. These commands may be supplied in any order.
However it is recommended that a `filedeleteall` command precede
-all `filemodify`, `filecopy` and `filerename` commands in the same
-commit, as `filedeleteall`
-wipes the branch clean (see below).
+all `filemodify`, `filecopy`, `filerename` and `notemodify` commands in
+the same commit, as `filedeleteall` wipes the branch clean (see below).
The `LF` after the command is optional (it used to be required).
@@ -595,6 +594,40 @@ more memory per active branch (less than 1 MiB for even most large
projects); so frontends that can easily obtain only the affected
paths for a commit are encouraged to do so.
+Included in a `commit` command to add a new note (annotating a given
+commit) or change the content of an existing note. This command has
+two different means of specifying the content of the note.
+External data format::
+ The data content for the note was already supplied by a prior
+ `blob` command. The frontend just needs to connect it to the
+ commit that is to be annotated.
+ 'N' SP <dataref> SP <committish> LF
+Here `<dataref>` can be either a mark reference (`:<idnum>`)
+set by a prior `blob` command, or a full 40-byte SHA-1 of an
+existing Git blob object.
+Inline data format::
+ The data content for the note has not been supplied yet.
+ The frontend wants to supply it as part of this modify
+ command.
+ 'N' SP 'inline' SP <committish> LF
+ data
+See below for a detailed description of the `data` command.
+In both formats `<committish>` is any of the commit specification
+expressions also accepted by `from` (see above).
Arranges for fast-import to save a reference to the current object, allowing