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@@ -40,9 +40,10 @@ OPTIONS
not contain the old commit).
- Disable all non-fatal output, making fast-import silent when it
- is successful. This option disables the output shown by
- --stats.
+ Disable the output shown by --stats, making fast-import usually
+ be silent when it is successful. However, if the import stream
+ has directives intended to show user output (e.g. `progress`
+ directives), the corresponding messages will still be shown.
Display some basic statistics about the objects fast-import has
@@ -384,6 +385,7 @@ change to the project.
'commit' SP <ref> LF
+ original-oid?
('author' (SP <name>)? SP LT <email> GT SP <when> LF)?
'committer' (SP <name>)? SP LT <email> GT SP <when> LF
@@ -740,6 +742,19 @@ New marks are created automatically. Existing marks can be moved
to another object simply by reusing the same `<idnum>` in another
`mark` command.
+Provides the name of the object in the original source control system.
+fast-import will simply ignore this directive, but filter processes
+which operate on and modify the stream before feeding to fast-import
+may have uses for this information
+ 'original-oid' SP <object-identifier> LF
+where `<object-identifer>` is any string not containing LF.
Creates an annotated tag referring to a specific commit. To create
@@ -748,6 +763,7 @@ lightweight (non-annotated) tags see the `reset` command below.
'tag' SP <name> LF
'from' SP <commit-ish> LF
+ original-oid?
'tagger' (SP <name>)? SP LT <email> GT SP <when> LF
@@ -822,6 +838,7 @@ assigned mark.
'blob' LF
+ original-oid?