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the shape of the history and stored tree. See the section on
+ By default, running a command such as `git fast-export
+ master~5..master` will not include the commit master{tilde}5
+ and will make master{tilde}4 no longer have master{tilde}5 as
+ a parent (though both the old master{tilde}4 and new
+ master{tilde}4 will have all the same files). Use
+ --reference-excluded-parents to instead have the the stream
+ refer to commits in the excluded range of history by their
+ sha1sum. Note that the resulting stream can only be used by a
+ repository which already contains the necessary parent
+ commits.
+ Add an extra directive to the output for commits and blobs,
+ `original-oid <SHA1SUM>`. While such directives will likely be
+ ignored by importers such as git-fast-import, it may be useful
+ for intermediary filters (e.g. for rewriting commit messages
+ which refer to older commits, or for stripping blobs by id).
Apply the specified refspec to each ref exported. Multiple of them can
be specified.
@@ -119,7 +138,9 @@ marks the same across runs.
'git rev-list', that specifies the specific objects and references
to export. For example, `master~10..master` causes the
current master reference to be exported along with all objects
- added since its 10th ancestor commit.
+ added since its 10th ancestor commit and (unless the
+ --reference-excluded-parents option is specified) all files
+ common to master{tilde}9 and master{tilde}10.