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@@ -17,14 +17,16 @@ ent and the index file, or the index file and the working tree.
The combination of what is compared with what is determined by
the number of ents given to the command.
-Number of ents Options What's Compared Underlying command
-0 - index file and working tree git-diff-files
-1 --cached ent and index file git-diff-index
-1 - ent and working tree git-diff-index
-2 - two ents git-diff-tree
+* When no <ent> is given, the working tree and the index
+ file is compared, using `git-diff-files`.
+* When one <ent> is given, the working tree and the named
+ tree is compared, using `git-diff-index`. The option
+ `--cached` can be given to compare the index file and
+ the named tree.
+* When two <ent>s are given, these two trees are compared
+ using `git-diff-tree`.