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+v0.1, May 2005
+git-diff-tree - Compares the content and mode of blobs found via two tree objects
+'git-diff-tree' [-p] [-r] [-z] [--stdin] [-m] [-s] [-v] <tree-ish> <tree-ish> [<pattern>]\*
+Compares the content and mode of the blobs found via two tree objects.
+Note that "git-diff-tree" can use the tree encapsulated in a commit object.
+ The id of a tree object.
+ If provided, the results are limited to a subset of files
+ matching one of these prefix strings.
+ ie file matches `/^<pattern1>|<pattern2>|.../`
+ Note that pattern does not provide any wildcard or regexp
+ features.
+ generate patch (see section on generating patches). For
+ git-diff-tree, this flag implies '-r' as well.
+ recurse
+ \0 line termination on output
+ When '--stdin' is specified, the command does not take
+ <tree-ish> arguments from the command line. Instead, it
+ reads either one <commit> or a pair of <tree-ish>
+ separated with a single space from its standard input.
+When a single commit is given on one line of such input, it compares
+the commit with its parents. The following flags further affects its
+behaviour. This does not apply to the case where two <tree-ish>
+separated with a single space are given.
+ By default, "git-diff-tree --stdin" does not show
+ differences for merge commits. With this flag, it shows
+ differences to that commit from all of its parents.
+ By default, "git-diff-tree --stdin" shows differences,
+ either in machine-readable form (without '-p') or in patch
+ form (with '-p'). This output can be supressed. It is
+ only useful with '-v' flag.
+ This flag causes "git-diff-tree --stdin" to also show
+ the commit message before the differences.
+Limiting Output
+If you're only interested in differences in a subset of files, for
+example some architecture-specific files, you might do:
+ git-diff-tree -r <tree-ish> <tree-ish> arch/ia64 include/asm-ia64
+and it will only show you what changed in those two directories.
+Or if you are searching for what changed in just `kernel/sched.c`, just do
+ git-diff-tree -r <tree-ish> <tree-ish> kernel/sched.c
+and it will ignore all differences to other files.
+The pattern is always the prefix, and is matched exactly. There are no
+wildcards. Even stricter, it has to match complete path comonent.
+I.e. "foo" does not pick up `foobar.h`. "foo" does match `foo/bar.h`
+so it can be used to name subdirectories.
+An example of normal usage is:
+ torvalds@ppc970:~/git> git-diff-tree 5319e4......
+ *100664->100664 blob ac348b.......->a01513....... git-fsck-cache.c
+which tells you that the last commit changed just one file (it's from
+this one:
+ commit 3c6f7ca19ad4043e9e72fa94106f352897e651a8
+ tree 5319e4d609cdd282069cc4dce33c1db559539b03
+ parent b4e628ea30d5ab3606119d2ea5caeab141d38df7
+ author Linus Torvalds <> Sat Apr 9 12:02:30 2005
+ committer Linus Torvalds <> Sat Apr 9 12:02:30 2005
+ Make "git-fsck-cache" print out all the root commits it finds.
+ Once I do the reference tracking, I'll also make it print out all the
+ HEAD commits it finds, which is even more interesting.
+in case you care).
+Output format
+Written by Linus Torvalds <>
+Documentation by David Greaves, Junio C Hamano and the git-list <>.
+Part of the link:git.html[git] suite