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@@ -9,15 +9,15 @@ SYNOPSIS
'git daemon' [--verbose] [--syslog] [--export-all]
- [--timeout=n] [--init-timeout=n] [--max-connections=n]
- [--strict-paths] [--base-path=path] [--base-path-relaxed]
- [--user-path | --user-path=path]
- [--interpolated-path=pathtemplate]
- [--reuseaddr] [--detach] [--pid-file=file]
- [--enable=service] [--disable=service]
- [--allow-override=service] [--forbid-override=service]
- [--inetd | [--listen=host_or_ipaddr] [--port=n] [--user=user [--group=group]]
- [directory...]
+ [--timeout=<n>] [--init-timeout=<n>] [--max-connections=<n>]
+ [--strict-paths] [--base-path=<path>] [--base-path-relaxed]
+ [--user-path | --user-path=<path>]
+ [--interpolated-path=<pathtemplate>]
+ [--reuseaddr] [--detach] [--pid-file=<file>]
+ [--enable=<service>] [--disable=<service>]
+ [--allow-override=<service>] [--forbid-override=<service>]
+ [--inetd | [--listen=<host_or_ipaddr>] [--port=<n>] [--user=<user> [--group=<group>]]
+ [<directory>...]
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ OPTIONS
'git daemon' will refuse to start when this option is enabled and no
whitelist is specified.
Remap all the path requests as relative to the given path.
This is sort of "GIT root" - if you run 'git daemon' with
'--base-path=/srv/git' on, then if you later try to pull
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ OPTIONS
This is useful for switching to --base-path usage, while still
allowing the old paths.
To support virtual hosting, an interpolated path template can be
used to dynamically construct alternate paths. The template
supports %H for the target hostname as supplied by the client but
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ OPTIONS
Have the server run as an inetd service. Implies --syslog.
Incompatible with --port, --listen, --user and --group options.
Listen on a specific IP address or hostname. IP addresses can
be either an IPv4 address or an IPv6 address if supported. If IPv6
is not supported, then --listen=hostname is also not supported and
@@ -88,20 +88,20 @@ OPTIONS
Can be given more than once.
Incompatible with '--inetd' option.
Listen on an alternative port. Incompatible with '--inetd' option.
Timeout between the moment the connection is established and the
client request is received (typically a rather low value, since
that should be basically immediate).
Timeout for specific client sub-requests. This includes the time
it takes for the server to process the sub-request and the time spent
waiting for the next client's request.
Maximum number of concurrent clients, defaults to 32. Set it to
zero for no limit.
@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@ OPTIONS
--verbose, thus by default only error conditions will be logged.
Allow {tilde}user notation to be used in requests. When
specified with no parameter, requests to
git://host/{tilde}alice/foo is taken as a request to access
@@ -130,12 +130,12 @@ OPTIONS
Detach from the shell. Implies --syslog.
Save the process id in 'file'. Ignored when the daemon
is run under `--inetd`.
Change daemon's uid and gid before entering the service loop.
When only `--user` is given without `--group`, the
primary group ID for the user is used. The values of
@@ -146,16 +146,16 @@ Giving these options is an error when used with `--inetd`; use
the facility of inet daemon to achieve the same before spawning
'git daemon' if needed.
Enable/disable the service site-wide per default. Note
that a service disabled site-wide can still be enabled
per repository if it is marked overridable and the
repository enables the service with a configuration
Allow/forbid overriding the site-wide default with per
repository configuration. By default, all the services
are overridable.