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@@ -8,14 +8,15 @@ git-daemon - A really simple server for git repositories
-'git-daemon' [--verbose] [--syslog] [--inetd | --port=n] [--export-all]
+'git-daemon' [--verbose] [--syslog] [--export-all]
[--timeout=n] [--init-timeout=n] [--strict-paths]
[--base-path=path] [--user-path | --user-path=path]
+ [--reuseaddr] [--detach] [--pid-file=file]
[--enable=service] [--disable=service]
[--allow-override=service] [--forbid-override=service]
- [--reuseaddr] [--detach] [--pid-file=file]
- [--user=user [--group=group]] [directory...]
+ [--inetd | [--listen=host_or_ipaddr] [--port=n] [--user=user [--group=group]]
+ [directory...]
@@ -54,8 +55,12 @@ OPTIONS
To support virtual hosting, an interpolated path template can be
used to dynamically construct alternate paths. The template
- supports %H for the target hostname as supplied by the client,
+ supports %H for the target hostname as supplied by the client but
+ converted to all lowercase, %CH for the canonical hostname,
+ %IP for the server's IP address, %P for the port number,
and %D for the absolute path of the named repository.
+ After interpolation, the path is validated against the directory
+ whitelist.
Allow pulling from all directories that look like GIT repositories
@@ -64,9 +69,17 @@ OPTIONS
Have the server run as an inetd service. Implies --syslog.
+ Incompatible with --port, --listen, --user and --group options.
+ Listen on an a specific IP address or hostname. IP addresses can
+ be either an IPv4 address or an IPV6 address if supported. If IPv6
+ is not supported, then --listen=hostname is also not supported and
+ --listen must be given an IPv4 address.
+ Incompatible with '--inetd' option.
- Listen on an alternative port.
+ Listen on an alternative port. Incompatible with '--inetd' option.
Timeout between the moment the connection is established and the
@@ -182,6 +195,24 @@ clients, a symlink from `/software` into the appropriate
default repository could be made as well.
+git-daemon as regular daemon for virtual hosts::
+ To set up `git-daemon` as a regular, non-inetd service that
+ handles repositories for multiple virtual hosts based on
+ their IP addresses, start the daemon like this:
+ git-daemon --verbose --export-all
+ --interpolated-path=/pub/%IP/%D
+ /pub/
+ /pub/
+In this example, the root-level directory `/pub` will contain
+a subdirectory for each virtual host IP address supported.
+Repositories can still be accessed by hostname though, assuming
+they correspond to these IP addresses.
Written by Linus Torvalds <>, YOSHIFUJI Hideaki