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of branches in git).
$ cvs co -d mylocaldir master
+Eclipse CVS Client Notes
+To get a checkout with the Eclipse CVS client:
+1. Create a new project from CVS checkout, giving it repository and module
+2. Context Menu->Team->Share Project...
+3. Enter the repository and module information again and click Finish
+4. The Synchronize view appears. Untick "launch commit wizard" to avoid
+committing the .project file, and select HEAD as the tag to synchronize to.
+Update all incoming changes.
+Note that most versions of Eclipse ignore CVS_SERVER (which you can set in
+the Preferences->Team->CVS->ExtConnection pane), so you may have to
+rename, alias or symlink git-cvsserver to 'cvs' on the server.
+Clients known to work
+CVS 1.12.9 on Debian
+CVS 1.11.17 on MacOSX (from Fink package)
+Eclipse 3.0, 3.1.2 on MacOSX (see Eclipse CVS Client Notes)
Operations supported