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@@ -9,9 +9,9 @@ SYNOPSIS
'git commit' [-a | --interactive] [-s] [-v] [-u<mode>] [--amend] [--dry-run]
- [(-c | -C) <commit>] [-F <file> | -m <msg>]
+ [(-c | -C) <commit>] [-F <file> | -m <msg>] [--reset-author]
[--allow-empty] [--no-verify] [-e] [--author=<author>]
- [--cleanup=<mode>] [--] [[-i | -o ]<file>...]
+ [--date=<date>] [--cleanup=<mode>] [--] [[-i | -o ]<file>...]
@@ -69,6 +69,25 @@ OPTIONS
Like '-C', but with '-c' the editor is invoked, so that
the user can further edit the commit message.
+ When used with -C/-c/--amend options, declare that the
+ authorship of the resulting commit now belongs of the committer.
+ This also renews the author timestamp.
+ When doing a dry-run, give the output in the short-format. See
+ linkgit:git-status[1] for details. Implies `--dry-run`.
+ When doing a dry-run, give the output in a porcelain-ready
+ format. See linkgit:git-status[1] for details. Implies
+ `--dry-run`.
+ When showing `short` or `porcelain` status output, terminate
+ entries in the status output with NUL, instead of LF. If no
+ format is given, implies the `--porcelain` output format.
-F <file>::
Take the commit message from the given file. Use '-' to
@@ -80,6 +99,9 @@ OPTIONS
an existing commit that matches the given string and its author
name is used.
+ Override the author date used in the commit.
-m <msg>::
Use the given <msg> as the commit message.
@@ -212,6 +234,8 @@ specified.
these files are also staged for the next commit on top
of what have been staged before.
+:git-commit: 1