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@@ -16,6 +16,25 @@ Given one or more existing commits, apply the change each one
introduces, recording a new commit for each. This requires your
working tree to be clean (no modifications from the HEAD commit).
+When it is not obvious how to apply a change, the following
+1. The current branch and `HEAD` pointer stay at the last commit
+ successfully made.
+2. The `CHERRY_PICK_HEAD` ref is set to point at the commit that
+ introduced the change that is difficult to apply.
+3. Paths in which the change applied cleanly are updated both
+ in the index file and in your working tree.
+4. For conflicting paths, the index file records up to three
+ versions, as described in the "TRUE MERGE" section of
+ linkgit:git-merge[1]. The working tree files will include
+ a description of the conflict bracketed by the usual
+ conflict markers `<<<<<<<` and `>>>>>>>`.
+5. No other modifications are made.
+See linkgit:git-merge[1] for some hints on resolving such
@@ -32,9 +51,10 @@ OPTIONS
message prior to committing.
- When recording the commit, append to the original commit
- message a note that indicates which commit this change
- was cherry-picked from. Append the note only for cherry
+ When recording the commit, append a line that says
+ "(cherry picked from commit ...)" to the original commit
+ message in order to indicate which commit this change was
+ cherry-picked from. This is done only for cherry
picks without conflicts. Do not use this option if
you are cherry-picking from your private branch because
the information is useless to the recipient. If on the
@@ -79,6 +99,16 @@ effect to your index in a row.
cherry-pick'ed commit, then a fast forward to this commit will
be performed.
+ Use the given merge strategy. Should only be used once.
+ See the MERGE STRATEGIES section in linkgit:git-merge[1]
+ for details.
+ Pass the merge strategy-specific option through to the
+ merge strategy. See linkgit:git-merge[1] for details.
git cherry-pick master::
@@ -120,13 +150,27 @@ git rev-list --reverse master \-- README | git cherry-pick -n --stdin::
so the result can be inspected and made into a single new
commit if suitable.
-Written by Junio C Hamano <>
-Documentation by Junio C Hamano and the git-list <>.
+The following sequence attempts to backport a patch, bails out because
+the code the patch applies to has changed too much, and then tries
+again, this time exercising more care about matching up context lines.
+$ git cherry-pick topic^ <1>
+$ git diff <2>
+$ git reset --merge ORIG_HEAD <3>
+$ git cherry-pick -Xpatience topic^ <4>
+<1> apply the change that would be shown by `git show topic^`.
+In this example, the patch does not apply cleanly, so
+information about the conflict is written to the index and
+working tree and no new commit results.
+<2> summarize changes to be reconciled
+<3> cancel the cherry-pick. In other words, return to the
+pre-cherry-pick state, preserving any local modifications you had in
+the working tree.
+<4> try to apply the change introduced by `topic^` again,
+spending extra time to avoid mistakes based on incorrectly matching
+context lines.