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cherry-pick'ed commit, then a fast forward to this commit will
be performed.
+ By default, cherry-picking an empty commit will fail,
+ indicating that an explicit invocation of `git commit
+ --allow-empty` is required. This option overrides that
+ behavior, allowing empty commits to be preserved automatically
+ in a cherry-pick. Note that when "--ff" is in effect, empty
+ commits that meet the "fast-forward" requirement will be kept
+ even without this option. Note also, that use of this option only
+ keeps commits that were initially empty (i.e. the commit recorded the
+ same tree as its parent). Commits which are made empty due to a
+ previous commit are dropped. To force the inclusion of those commits
+ use `--keep-redundant-commits`.
+ If a commit being cherry picked duplicates a commit already in the
+ current history, it will become empty. By default these
+ redundant commits are ignored. This option overrides that behavior and
+ creates an empty commit object. Implies `--allow-empty`.
Use the given merge strategy. Should only be used once.
See the MERGE STRATEGIES section in linkgit:git-merge[1]