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@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ git-cherry-pick - Apply the change introduced by an existing commit
-'git-cherry-pick' [--edit] [-n] [-r] <commit>
+'git-cherry-pick' [--edit] [-n] [-x] <commit>
@@ -24,13 +24,22 @@ OPTIONS
With this option, `git-cherry-pick` will let you edit the commit
message prior committing.
- Usually the command appends which commit was
+ Cause the command to append which commit was
cherry-picked after the original commit message when
- making a commit. This option, '--replay', causes it to
- use the original commit message intact. This is useful
- when you are reordering the patches in your private tree
- before publishing.
+ making a commit. Do not use this option if you are
+ cherry-picking from your private branch because the
+ information is useless to the recipient. If on the
+ other hand you are cherry-picking between two publicly
+ visible branches (e.g. backporting a fix to a
+ maintenance branch for an older release from a
+ development branch), adding this information can be
+ useful.
+ It used to be that the command defaulted to do `-x`
+ described above, and `-r` was to disable it. Now the
+ default is not to do `-x` so this option is a no-op.
Usually the command automatically creates a commit with