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@@ -192,12 +192,16 @@ branches from there if `<branch>` is ambiguous but exists on the
'origin' remote. See also `checkout.defaultRemote` in
-Use `--no-guess` to disable this.
+`--guess` is the default behavior. Use `--no-guess` to disable it.
+The default behavior can be set via the `checkout.guess` configuration
Create the new branch's reflog; see linkgit:git-branch[1] for
Rather than checking out a branch to work on it, check out a
commit for inspection and discardable experiments.
@@ -350,6 +354,10 @@ leave out at most one of `A` and `B`, in which case it defaults to `HEAD`.
Tree to checkout from (when paths are given). If not specified,
the index will be used.
+As a special case, you may use `"A...B"` as a shortcut for the
+merge base of `A` and `B` if there is exactly one merge base. You can
+leave out at most one of `A` and `B`, in which case it defaults to `HEAD`.
Do not interpret any more arguments as options.