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@@ -8,12 +8,12 @@ git-cat-file - Provide content or type information for repository objects
-'git-cat-file' [-t | -s | -e | <type>] <object>
+'git-cat-file' [-t | -s | -e | -p | <type>] <object>
Provides content or type of objects in the repository. The type
-is required unless '-t' is used to find the object type,
+is required unless '-t' or '-p' is used to find the object type,
or '-s' is used to find the object size.
@@ -33,6 +33,9 @@ OPTIONS
Suppress all output; instead exit with zero status if <object>
exists and is a valid object.
+ Pretty-print the contents of <object> based on its type.
Typically this matches the real type of <object> but asking
for a type that can trivially be dereferenced from the given
@@ -49,6 +52,8 @@ If '-s' is specified, the size of the <object> in bytes.
If '-e' is specified, no output.
+If '-p' is specified, the contents of <object> are pretty-printed.
Otherwise the raw (though uncompressed) contents of the <object> will
be returned.