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@@ -8,8 +8,9 @@ git-blame - Show what revision and author last modified each line of a file
-'git-blame' [-c] [-l] [-t] [-f] [-n] [-p] [--incremental] [-L n,m] [-S <revs-file>]
- [-M] [-C] [-C] [--since=<date>] [<rev> | --contents <file>] [--] <file>
+'git-blame' [-c] [-l] [-t] [-f] [-n] [-p] [--incremental] [-L n,m]
+ [-S <revs-file>] [-M] [-C] [-C] [--since=<date>]
+ [<rev> | --contents <file>] [--] <file>
@@ -37,20 +38,19 @@ ea4c7f9bf69e781dd0cd88d2bccb2bf5cc15c9a7 git-blame: Make the output
--c, --compatibility::
- Use the same output mode as gitlink:git-annotate[1] (Default: off).
--L n,m::
- Annotate only the specified line range (lines count from 1).
--l, --long::
- Show long rev (Default: off).
--t, --time::
- Show raw timestamp (Default: off).
+ Use the same output mode as gitlink:git-annotate[1] (Default: off).
--S, --rev-file <revs-file>::
- Use revs from revs-file instead of calling gitlink:git-rev-list[1].
+ Include debugging information related to the movement of
+ lines between files (see `-C`) and lines moved within a
+ file (see `-M`). The first number listed is the score.
+ This is the number of alphanumeric characters detected
+ to be moved between or within files. This must be above
+ a certain threshold for git-blame to consider those lines
+ of code to have been moved.
-f, --show-name::
Show filename in the original commit. By default
@@ -60,42 +60,6 @@ OPTIONS
-n, --show-number::
Show line number in the original commit (Default: off).
--p, --porcelain::
- Show in a format designed for machine consumption.
- Show the result incrementally in a format designed for
- machine consumption.
---contents <file>::
- When <rev> is not specified, the command annotates the
- changes starting backwards from the working tree copy.
- This flag makes the command pretend as if the working
- tree copy has the contents of he named file (specify
- `-` to make the command read from the standard input).
- Detect moving lines in the file as well. When a commit
- moves a block of lines in a file (e.g. the original file
- has A and then B, and the commit changes it to B and
- then A), traditional 'blame' algorithm typically blames
- the lines that were moved up (i.e. B) to the parent and
- assigns blame to the lines that were moved down (i.e. A)
- to the child commit. With this option, both groups of
- lines are blamed on the parent.
- In addition to `-M`, detect lines copied from other
- files that were modified in the same commit. This is
- useful when you reorganize your program and move code
- around across files. When this option is given twice,
- the command looks for copies from all other files in the
- parent for the commit that creates the file in addition.
--h, --help::
- Show help message.