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@@ -524,6 +524,8 @@ struct), and want to know the history of that block since it first
came into being: use the feature iteratively to feed the interesting
block in the preimage back into `-S`, and keep going until you get the
very first version of the block.
+Binary files are searched as well.
Look for differences whose patch text contains added/removed
@@ -543,6 +545,9 @@ While `git log -G"regexec\(regexp"` will show this commit, `git log
-S"regexec\(regexp" --pickaxe-regex` will not (because the number of
occurrences of that string did not change).
+Unless `--text` is supplied patches of binary files without a textconv
+filter will be ignored.
See the 'pickaxe' entry in linkgit:gitdiffcore[7] for more