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of the `--diff-filter` option on what the status letters mean.
- Chose the output format for submodule differences. <format> can be one of
- 'short' and 'log'. 'short' just shows pairs of commit names, this format
- is used when this option is not given. 'log' is the default value for this
- option and lists the commits in that commit range like the 'summary'
- option of linkgit:git-submodule[1] does.
+ Specify how differences in submodules are shown. When `--submodule`
+ or `--submodule=log` is given, the 'log' format is used. This format lists
+ the commits in the range like linkgit:git-submodule[1] `summary` does.
+ Omitting the `--submodule` option or specifying `--submodule=short`,
+ uses the 'short' format. This format just shows the names of the commits
+ at the beginning and end of the range.
Show colored diff.