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@@ -229,10 +229,10 @@ does rename or copy would not show in the output, and if the
"o-file.c", it would find the commit that changed the statement
when it was in "o-file.c".
-[ BTW, the current versions of "git-diff-tree -C" is not eager
+NOTE: The current versions of "git-diff-tree -C" is not eager
enough to find copies, and it will miss the fact that a-file.c
was created by copying o-file.c unless o-file.c was somehow
- changed in the same commit.]
+ changed in the same commit.
You can use the --pickaxe-all flag in addition to the -S flag.
This causes the differences from all the files contained in
@@ -243,6 +243,6 @@ that contain this changed "if" statement:
}' --pickaxe-all
-[ Side note. This option is called "--pickaxe-all" because -S
+NOTE: This option is called "--pickaxe-all" because -S
option is internally called "pickaxe", a tool for software
- archaeologists.]
+ archaeologists.