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@@ -336,17 +336,9 @@ $ commit=$(echo 'Initial commit' | git-commit-tree $tree)
$ git-update-ref HEAD $commit
-which will say:
-Committing initial tree 8988da15d077d4829fc51d8544c097def6644dbb
-just to warn you about the fact that it created a totally new commit
-that is not related to anything else. Normally you do this only *once*
-for a project ever, and all later commits will be parented on top of an
-earlier commit, and you'll never see this "Committing initial tree"
-message ever again.
+In this case this creates a totally new commit that is not related to
+anything else. Normally you do this only *once* for a project ever, and
+all later commits will be parented on top of an earlier commit.
Again, normally you'd never actually do this by hand. There is a
helpful script called `git commit` that will do all of this for you. So