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fast forward. You need to pull and merge those other changes
back before you push your work when it happens.
+The `git push` command without any explicit refspec parameter
+pushes the refs that exist both in the local repository and the
+remote repository. So the last `push` can be done with either
+one of these:
+$ git push origin
+$ git push repo.shared.xz:/pub/scm/project.git/
+as long as the shared repository does not have any branches
+other than `master`.
+If you created your shared repository by cloning from somewhere
+else, you may have the `origin` branch. Your developers
+typically do not use that branch; remove it. Otherwise, that
+would be pushed back by the `git push origin` because your
+developers' repository would surely have `origin` branch to keep
+track of the shared repository, and would be counted as "exist
+on both ends".
Advanced Shared Repository Management