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@@ -5,3 +5,8 @@ add.ignore-errors (deprecated)::
option of linkgit:git-add[1]. `add.ignore-errors` is deprecated,
as it does not follow the usual naming convention for configuration
+ [EXPERIMENTAL] Set to `true` to use the experimental built-in
+ implementation of the interactive version of linkgit:git-add[1]
+ instead of the Perl script version. Is `false` by default.
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@@ -107,4 +107,7 @@ advice.*::
editor input from the user.
Advice shown if a user attempts to recursively tag a tag object.
+ submoduleAlternateErrorStrategyDie::
+ Advice shown when a submodule.alternateErrorStrategy option
+ configured to "die" causes a fatal error.
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@@ -559,6 +559,12 @@ core.unsetenvvars::
Defaults to `PERL5LIB` to account for the fact that Git for
Windows insists on using its own Perl interpreter.
+ Windows-only: override whether spawned processes inherit only standard
+ file handles (`stdin`, `stdout` and `stderr`) or all handles. Can be
+ `auto`, `true` or `false`. Defaults to `auto`, which means `true` on
+ Windows 7 and later, and `false` on older Windows versions.
You can set this to 'link', in which case a hardlink followed by
a delete of the source are used to make sure that object creation
@@ -593,8 +599,14 @@ core.multiPackIndex::
multi-pack-index design document].
- Enable "sparse checkout" feature. See section "Sparse checkout" in
- linkgit:git-read-tree[1] for more information.
+ Enable "sparse checkout" feature. See linkgit:git-sparse-checkout[1]
+ for more information.
+ Enables the "cone mode" of the sparse checkout feature. When the
+ sparse-checkout file contains a limited set of patterns, then this
+ mode provides significant performance advantages. See
+ linkgit:git-sparse-checkout[1] for more information.
Set the length object names are abbreviated to. If
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@@ -36,6 +36,12 @@ format.subjectPrefix::
The default for format-patch is to output files with the '[PATCH]'
subject prefix. Use this variable to change that prefix.
+ The default mode for format-patch to determine which parts of
+ the cover letter will be populated using the branch's
+ description. See the `--cover-from-description` option in
+ linkgit:git-format-patch[1].
The default for format-patch is to output a signature containing
the Git version number. Use this variable to change that default.
@@ -100,4 +106,20 @@ If one wishes to use the ref `ref/notes/true`, please use that literal
This configuration can be specified multiple times in order to allow
-multiple notes refs to be included.
+multiple notes refs to be included. In that case, it will behave
+similarly to multiple `--[no-]notes[=]` options passed in. That is, a
+value of `true` will show the default notes, a value of `<ref>` will
+also show notes from that notes ref and a value of `false` will negate
+previous configurations and not show notes.
+For example,
+ notes = true
+ notes = foo
+ notes = false
+ notes = bar
+will only show notes from `refs/notes/bar`.
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@@ -79,4 +79,6 @@ submodule.alternateLocation::
Specifies how to treat errors with the alternates for a submodule
as computed via `submodule.alternateLocation`. Possible values are
- `ignore`, `info`, `die`. Default is `die`.
+ `ignore`, `info`, `die`. Default is `die`. Note that if set to `ignore`
+ or `info`, and if there is an error with the computed alternate, the
+ clone proceeds as if no alternate was specified.
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@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ tag.gpgSign::
Use of this option when running in an automated script can
result in a large number of tags being signed. It is therefore
convenient to use an agent to avoid typing your gpg passphrase
- several times. Note that this option doesn't affects tag signing
+ several times. Note that this option doesn't affect tag signing
behavior enabled by "-u <keyid>" or "--local-user=<keyid>" options.