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+ The URL for a submodule. This variable is copied from the .gitmodules
+ file to the git config via 'git submodule init'. The user can change
+ the configured URL before obtaining the submodule via 'git submodule
+ update'. If neither submodule.<name>.active or are
+ set, the presence of this variable is used as a fallback to indicate
+ whether the submodule is of interest to git commands.
+ See linkgit:git-submodule[1] and linkgit:gitmodules[5] for details.
+ The method by which a submodule is updated by 'git submodule update',
+ which is the only affected command, others such as
+ 'git checkout --recurse-submodules' are unaffected. It exists for
+ historical reasons, when 'git submodule' was the only command to
+ interact with submodules; settings like ``
+ and `pull.rebase` are more specific. It is populated by
+ `git submodule init` from the linkgit:gitmodules[5] file.
+ See description of 'update' command in linkgit:git-submodule[1].
+ The remote branch name for a submodule, used by `git submodule
+ update --remote`. Set this option to override the value found in
+ the `.gitmodules` file. See linkgit:git-submodule[1] and
+ linkgit:gitmodules[5] for details.
+ This option can be used to control recursive fetching of this
+ submodule. It can be overridden by using the --[no-]recurse-submodules
+ command-line option to "git fetch" and "git pull".
+ This setting will override that from in the linkgit:gitmodules[5]
+ file.
+ Defines under what circumstances "git status" and the diff family show
+ a submodule as modified. When set to "all", it will never be considered
+ modified (but it will nonetheless show up in the output of status and
+ commit when it has been staged), "dirty" will ignore all changes
+ to the submodules work tree and
+ takes only differences between the HEAD of the submodule and the commit
+ recorded in the superproject into account. "untracked" will additionally
+ let submodules with modified tracked files in their work tree show up.
+ Using "none" (the default when this option is not set) also shows
+ submodules that have untracked files in their work tree as changed.
+ This setting overrides any setting made in .gitmodules for this submodule,
+ both settings can be overridden on the command line by using the
+ "--ignore-submodules" option. The 'git submodule' commands are not
+ affected by this setting.
+ Boolean value indicating if the submodule is of interest to git
+ commands. This config option takes precedence over the
+ config option. See linkgit:gitsubmodules[7] for
+ details.
+ A repeated field which contains a pathspec used to match against a
+ submodule's path to determine if the submodule is of interest to git
+ commands. See linkgit:gitsubmodules[7] for details.
+ Specifies if commands recurse into submodules by default. This
+ applies to all commands that have a `--recurse-submodules` option,
+ except `clone`.
+ Defaults to false.
+ Specifies how many submodules are fetched/cloned at the same time.
+ A positive integer allows up to that number of submodules fetched
+ in parallel. A value of 0 will give some reasonable default.
+ If unset, it defaults to 1.
+ Specifies how the submodules obtain alternates when submodules are
+ cloned. Possible values are `no`, `superproject`.
+ By default `no` is assumed, which doesn't add references. When the
+ value is set to `superproject` the submodule to be cloned computes
+ its alternates location relative to the superprojects alternate.
+ Specifies how to treat errors with the alternates for a submodule
+ as computed via `submodule.alternateLocation`. Possible values are
+ `ignore`, `info`, `die`. Default is `die`.