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+ A configuration identity. When given, causes values in the
+ 'sendemail.<identity>' subsection to take precedence over
+ values in the 'sendemail' section. The default identity is
+ the value of `sendemail.identity`.
+ See linkgit:git-send-email[1] for description. Note that this
+ setting is not subject to the 'identity' mechanism.
+sendemail.smtpssl (deprecated)::
+ Deprecated alias for 'sendemail.smtpEncryption = ssl'.
+ Path to ca-certificates (either a directory or a single file).
+ Set it to an empty string to disable certificate verification.
+ Identity-specific versions of the 'sendemail.*' parameters
+ found below, taking precedence over those when this
+ identity is selected, through either the command-line or
+ `sendemail.identity`.
+ See linkgit:git-send-email[1] for description.
+sendemail.signedoffcc (deprecated)::
+ Deprecated alias for `sendemail.signedoffbycc`.
+ Number of messages to be sent per connection, after that a relogin
+ will happen. If the value is 0 or undefined, send all messages in
+ one connection.
+ See also the `--batch-size` option of linkgit:git-send-email[1].
+ Seconds wait before reconnecting to smtp server.
+ See also the `--relogin-delay` option of linkgit:git-send-email[1].