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+ By default, linkgit:git-repack[1] creates packs that use
+ delta-base offset. If you need to share your repository with
+ Git older than version 1.4.4, either directly or via a dumb
+ protocol such as http, then you need to set this option to
+ "false" and repack. Access from old Git versions over the
+ native protocol are unaffected by this option.
+ If set to true, makes `git repack` act as if
+ `--pack-kept-objects` was passed. See linkgit:git-repack[1] for
+ details. Defaults to `false` normally, but `true` if a bitmap
+ index is being written (either via `--write-bitmap-index` or
+ `repack.writeBitmaps`).
+ If set to true, makes `git repack` act as if `--delta-islands`
+ was passed. Defaults to `false`.
+ When true, git will write a bitmap index when packing all
+ objects to disk (e.g., when `git repack -a` is run). This
+ index can speed up the "counting objects" phase of subsequent
+ packs created for clones and fetches, at the cost of some disk
+ space and extra time spent on the initial repack. This has
+ no effect if multiple packfiles are created.
+ Defaults to false.