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An attempt to update or delete a hidden ref by `git push` is
+ This is a multi-valued variable that defines reference prefixes
+ to match the commands in `receive-pack`. Commands matching the
+ prefixes will be executed by an external hook "proc-receive",
+ instead of the internal `execute_commands` function. If this
+ variable is not defined, the "proc-receive" hook will never be
+ used, and all commands will be executed by the internal
+ `execute_commands` function.
+For example, if this variable is set to "refs/for", pushing to reference
+such as "refs/for/master" will not create or update a reference named
+"refs/for/master", but may create or update a pull request directly by
+running the hook "proc-receive".
+Optional modifiers can be provided in the beginning of the value to filter
+commands for specific actions: create (a), modify (m), delete (d).
+A `!` can be included in the modifiers to negate the reference prefix entry.
+ git config --system --add receive.procReceiveRefs ad:refs/heads
+ git config --system --add receive.procReceiveRefs !:refs/heads
If set to true, git-receive-pack will run git-update-server-info
after receiving data from git-push and updating refs.