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@@ -30,6 +30,16 @@ mergetool.meld.hasOutput::
to `true` tells Git to unconditionally use the `--output` option,
and `false` avoids using `--output`.
+ When the `--auto-merge` is given, meld will merge all non-conflicting
+ parts automatically, highlight the conflicting parts and wait for
+ user decision. Setting `mergetool.meld.useAutoMerge` to `true` tells
+ Git to unconditionally use the `--auto-merge` option with `meld`.
+ Setting this value to `auto` makes git detect whether `--auto-merge`
+ is supported and will only use `--auto-merge` when available. A
+ value of `false` avoids using `--auto-merge` altogether, and is the
+ default value.
After performing a merge, the original file with conflict markers
can be saved as a file with a `.orig` extension. If this variable