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+ This boolean config option controls whether some commands run
+ `git maintenance run --auto` after doing their normal work. Defaults
+ to true.
+ This string config option provides a way to specify one of a few
+ recommended schedules for background maintenance. This only affects
+ which tasks are run during `git maintenance run --schedule=X`
+ commands, provided no `--task=<task>` arguments are provided.
+ Further, if a `maintenance.<task>.schedule` config value is set,
+ then that value is used instead of the one provided by
+ `maintenance.strategy`. The possible strategy strings are:
+* `none`: This default setting implies no task are run at any schedule.
+* `incremental`: This setting optimizes for performing small maintenance
+ activities that do not delete any data. This does not schedule the `gc`
+ task, but runs the `prefetch` and `commit-graph` tasks hourly and the
+ `loose-objects` and `incremental-repack` tasks daily.
This boolean config option controls whether the maintenance task
with name `<task>` is run when no `--task` option is specified to
@@ -5,6 +25,11 @@ maintenance.<task>.enabled::
`--task` option exists. By default, only `maintenance.gc.enabled`
is true.
+ This config option controls whether or not the given `<task>` runs
+ during a `git maintenance run --schedule=<frequency>` command. The
+ value must be one of "hourly", "daily", or "weekly".
This integer config option controls how often the `commit-graph` task
should be run as part of `git maintenance run --auto`. If zero, then