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@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ http.saveCookies::
Use the specified HTTP protocol version when communicating with a server.
If you want to force the default. The available and default version depend
- on libcurl. Actually the possible values of
+ on libcurl. Currently the possible values of
this option are:
- HTTP/2
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ http.sslVersion::
particular configuration of the crypto library in use. Internally
this sets the 'CURLOPT_SSL_VERSION' option; see the libcurl
documentation for more details on the format of this option and
- for the ssl version supported. Actually the possible values of
+ for the ssl version supported. Currently the possible values of
this option are:
- sslv2
@@ -199,6 +199,14 @@ http.postBuffer::
Transfer-Encoding: chunked is used to avoid creating a
massive pack file locally. Default is 1 MiB, which is
sufficient for most requests.
+Note that raising this limit is only effective for disabling chunked
+transfer encoding and therefore should be used only where the remote
+server or a proxy only supports HTTP/1.0 or is noncompliant with the
+HTTP standard. Raising this is not, in general, an effective solution
+for most push problems, but can increase memory consumption
+significantly since the entire buffer is allocated even for small
http.lowSpeedLimit, http.lowSpeedTime::
If the HTTP transfer speed is less than 'http.lowSpeedLimit'