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+ Specify the browser that will be used to display help in the
+ 'web' format. See linkgit:git-help[1].
+ Override the default help format used by linkgit:git-help[1].
+ Values 'man', 'info', 'web' and 'html' are supported. 'man' is
+ the default. 'web' and 'html' are the same.
+ Automatically correct and execute mistyped commands after
+ waiting for the given number of deciseconds (0.1 sec). If more
+ than one command can be deduced from the entered text, nothing
+ will be executed. If the value of this option is negative,
+ the corrected command will be executed immediately. If the
+ value is 0 - the command will be just shown but not executed.
+ This is the default.
+ Specify the path where the HTML documentation resides. File system paths
+ and URLs are supported. HTML pages will be prefixed with this path when
+ help is displayed in the 'web' format. This defaults to the documentation
+ path of your Git installation.