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+ Defines how wide the commit message window is in the
+ linkgit:git-gui[1]. "75" is the default.
+ Specifies how many context lines should be used in calls to diff
+ made by the linkgit:git-gui[1]. The default is "5".
+ Determines if linkgit:git-gui[1] shows untracked files
+ in the file list. The default is "true".
+ Specifies the default encoding to use for displaying of
+ file contents in linkgit:git-gui[1] and linkgit:gitk[1].
+ It can be overridden by setting the 'encoding' attribute
+ for relevant files (see linkgit:gitattributes[5]).
+ If this option is not set, the tools default to the
+ locale encoding.
+ Determines if new branches created with linkgit:git-gui[1] should
+ default to tracking remote branches with matching names or
+ not. Default: "false".
+ Is used as suggested name when creating new branches using the
+ linkgit:git-gui[1].
+ "true" if linkgit:git-gui[1] should prune remote-tracking branches when
+ performing a fetch. The default value is "false".
+ Determines if linkgit:git-gui[1] should trust the file modification
+ timestamp or not. By default the timestamps are not trusted.
+ Specifies the dictionary used for spell checking commit messages in
+ the linkgit:git-gui[1]. When set to "none" spell checking is turned
+ off.
+ If true, 'git gui blame' uses `-C` instead of `-C -C` for original
+ location detection. It makes blame significantly faster on huge
+ repositories at the expense of less thorough copy detection.
+ Specifies the threshold to use in 'git gui blame' original location
+ detection, measured in alphanumeric characters. See the
+ linkgit:git-blame[1] manual for more information on copy detection.
+ Specifies the radius of history context in days to show in
+ linkgit:gitk[1] for the selected commit, when the `Show History
+ Context` menu item is invoked from 'git gui blame'. If this
+ variable is set to zero, the whole history is shown.