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+ If set to true, enable `-n` option by default.
+ If set to true, enable the `--column` option by default.
+ Set the default matching behavior. Using a value of 'basic', 'extended',
+ 'fixed', or 'perl' will enable the `--basic-regexp`, `--extended-regexp`,
+ `--fixed-strings`, or `--perl-regexp` option accordingly, while the
+ value 'default' will return to the default matching behavior.
+ If set to true, enable `--extended-regexp` option by default. This
+ option is ignored when the `grep.patternType` option is set to a value
+ other than 'default'.
+ Number of grep worker threads to use.
+ See `grep.threads` in linkgit:git-grep[1] for more information.
+ If set to true, fall back to git grep --no-index if git grep
+ is executed outside of a git repository. Defaults to false.